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WILD INDIANA - Winter LIMITED EDITION Silicone Bowl Set | Forest

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THREE rich luxurious deep colours we know you're BABES will LOVE! 

Marigold, Plum and Forest 

Perfect for those warm morning oats or those hearty winter meals you've prepared. 

Remember once they're gone, THEY'RE GONE!

Starting Solids? 

The purposefully designed SILICONE BOWL SET is perfect for this new and exciting milestone.

- A suction capped bowl base - so you don't wear the food mama!

- A full Silicone spoon - That CLIPS-IN to the bowl! Perfect for travel or just ease of storage! (I know genius right) (Dishwasher safe!)

- Shaped with purpose to help your little one learn to feed themselves 

- Rounded sides that help get all those last bits of food, that you tirelessly prepared.

- Completely BPA free, FDA approved silicone.

- No 'take apart components' that can go mouldy - eww!

- Microwave and dishwasher safe - who has time for hand washing anyway?  

The set includes, 1 silicone bowl and 1 silicone spoon.


Our bowls suction to clean and dry sealed surfaces. So think things like your non-porous plastic high chair tray, or a glass table top, a smooth stone bench top and some sealed wooden surfaces.

The bowl needs to be pressed down on to the surface to ensure air pockets are removed from underneath so the suction engages.

Unfortunately The stokke Trip Trapp high chair tray is not great for suction based products, therefore we do not recommend. 

Keep these things in mind and you're good to go!