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WILD CHASE - Mustard | Gelato Suede Leather Sneaker

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The adorable unisex suede sneakers featured in the Gelato Suede Collection are practical and durable without skipping out on the cute factor. Featuring a non-slip rubber sole, these stylish sneakers are available in a wide range of colours allowing every outfit to have the perfect shoe to finish it. Generous length laces for ease of adjustment make these the perfect daily for your little babe’s feet.

• 100% Genuine Suede Leather (No PU or fake leathers)
• Shoes are breathable and soft
• The upper and lower insoles are all made from natural materials
• Non-slip rubber sole


    4 =  13.8 cm (EU #19)

    5 =  14.8 cm (EU #21)

    6 =  15.8 cm (EU #23)

    7/8 =  16.8 cm (EU #25)

    9 =  18.1 cm (EU #27)