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Valter Fogato - 100% Full Size Bugs

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Scientists have discovered more than a million different species of insects that every day, in every part of the world, live their very diverse lives. Many fly, others walk or bore through wood. Some are pleasing to the eye, like butterflies; others, like cockroaches, a bit less.

For the most part, insects are small - sometimes so small that you need a magnifying lens to see them - and that is the way we are used to thinking of them. But in this book, the insects are presented in their actual sizes and in many cases readers will be genuinely surprised to find some veritable giants among them. The book includes other impressive insect characteristics - how much they weigh, how fast they are, how large and small insects differ from each other - all of which can be seen in the life-size illustrations that make the insects seem as though they have just landed on the page.

This book is quite large.