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Joanne Liu - My City

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A young boy discovers the excitement and unexpected delight of exploring his city - and so will readers of this vibrant picture book.

Max is asked to mail a letter for his mother. As he walks through his neighborhood in search of a mailbox, he encounters all sorts of interesting things like falling leaves dancing in the wind, skyscrapers towering in the distance, and junk being piled into a garbage truck. All around him adults hurry on their various errands, too busy to appreciate these wondrous details. His walk through the city leads Max to discover that the mailbox is actually right next door to his own house. Children will enjoy following Max on his adventure and seeing things from his perspective as they explore Joanne Liu's colourful celebration of everyday life in a busy city.

AGES: 3 to 5

Joanne Liu is an illustrator based in Hong Kong. She received a special mention from the 2018 Bologna Ragazzi Books Awards for her previous children's book, My Museum (Prestel).

• This book is the second book by Joanne Liu that features Max. The first book, My Museum (ISBN 9783791373195), was a success and was published in 2017.
• Each spread of this 32 page book is filled with bright, simple illustrations and features no text.
• This book is told from Max's point of view and features delightfully different ways to view daily city activities.